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The truth is...

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you have competition

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To stay in the www race

we upgrade our tools

we learn new rules

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Search Engine Optimized, 100% responsive, CMS based and more…
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Based out of Pasadena since 1995, Cybird inc and its 1-Stop Web Design Center have been providing reliable web services in  the Los Angeles area. Over the past 18 years we have designed, developed and maintained websites for a wide variety of small, medium and large businesses and organizations. We provide you with quality web services that fit your needs using the most cost effective web tools and solutions.  For a  responsive, flexible, cost-effective website and/or  to durably increase your search engine ranking and generate more traffic call us at 626 793 2902 for a free in-depth consultation!



We have extensive experience in Internet Marketing. We offer the latest techniques and trends in Search Engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Page Ranking, and Pay Per Click campaign management (PPC). Thanks to the perpetually updated knowledge of our SEO expertise, 1 Stop Web Design Center delivers the most accurate, legitimate, and LASTING organic ranking. The key to excellence in SEO is to not take shortcuts and to keep up with all the latest changes with Google and Bing’s search engine algorithms!


Based out of Montecito, near Santa Barbara, CA, is this interesting Start-up that is developing an original web resource directory.  Should you need a software to manage Payroll, Point of Sales, Billing & Invoicing, Accounting, Contacts, Documents, your Inventory or your Scheduling activity, Find The Best is the web place to go!



Our web services include the best of today’s web technologies:

-they are responsive and will adjust to smartphone and tablet specific layouts,
-they are built using a content management system platform (CMS such as WordPress & Drupal) to put you in charge and reduce your costs

We also:
-offer one-on-one CMS training, in house or via video conference using screen sharing
-install and customize most available eCommerce solutions
-develop any custom database driven application that you can think of to fit your exact needs
-enable you to integrate audio & video streaming
-have fast and reliable web hosting plans, maintenance and updating services


I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all of your hard and diligent work on our website. It has now been up and running for several months and we presently get new orders and customers everyday. What is amazing to us is where the customers are and the fact that the web allows us to reach customers everywhere. We have received orders from Canada, New Zealand and many other places that we would never have been able to reach without your help. We have been getting mostly credit card transact…
Zack Electronics

Broadband as a Public Utility?

Called the “Nuclear Option”, probably to scare us all and not just the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as AT&T, Verizon and other Comcast, this should actually be the only reasonnable option to seriously try to protect Internet Neutrality. As a matter of fact, reclassifying Broadband as a Public Utility would allow the FCC to […]

Peer to Peer lending

Peer to Peer lending is poised to become a big player in the lending world. As a result of the recent financial crisis which has seen a rise in public distrust of banks and credit that is not only harder to obtain but much more expensive, companies like LendingClub are gaining popularity. LendingClub is essentially […]

FCC-Internet Neutrality

Net neutrality endangered

Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order was struck by  a  US Court of Appeal in Washington early this month. FCC’s order says that service providers must treat all parts of the Internet equally and not favor any particular apps or websites by allowing them to load faster. In other word, Internet providers shouldn’t slow your […]