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Has  your website been built using RESPONSIVE DESIGN? Does it display properly on all devices? If not, be assured that its ranking with search engines is now going down! Google has just announced its decision to favor websites that are designed to also display properly on tablets and smartphones. Responsive websites!

If you do not know for sure, have your website tested here  because you do not want to  miss this important evolution in consumer habits and ignore the upgrade in website referencing decided by Google and soon by all other search engines. Do not wait! You must have your site rebuilt using Responsive Design, now! We can do that and more using WordPress CMS and Themes. For under $1500.00.

Call Bruno  at 626 864 6941


Based out of Pasadena since 1995, Cybird inc and its 1-Stop Web Design Center have been providing reliable web services in  the Los Angeles area. Over the past 18 years we have designed, developed and maintained websites for a wide variety of small, medium and large businesses and organizations. We provide you with quality web services that fit your needs using the most cost effective web tools and solutions.  For a  responsive, flexible, cost-effective website and/or  to durably increase your search engine ranking and generate more traffic call us at 626 793 2902 for a free in-depth consultation!



We have extensive experience in Internet Marketing. We offer the latest techniques and trends in Search Engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Page Ranking, and Pay Per Click campaign management (PPC). Thanks to the perpetually updated knowledge of our SEO expertise, 1 Stop Web Design Center delivers the most accurate, legitimate, and LASTING organic ranking. The key to excellence in SEO is to not take shortcuts and to keep up with all the latest changes with Google and Bing’s search engine algorithms!


Based out of Montecito, near Santa Barbara, CA, is this interesting Start-up that is developing an original web resource directory.  Should you need a software to manage Payroll, Point of Sales, Billing & Invoicing, Accounting, Contacts, Documents, your Inventory or your Scheduling activity, Find The Best is the web place to go!



Our web services include the best of today’s web technologies:

-they are responsive and will adjust to smartphone and tablet specific layouts,
-they are built using a content management system platform (CMS such as WordPress & Drupal) to put you in charge and reduce your costs

We also:
-offer one-on-one CMS training, in house or via video conference using screen sharing
-install and customize most available eCommerce solutions
-develop any custom database driven application that you can think of to fit your exact needs
-enable you to integrate audio & video streaming
-have fast and reliable web hosting plans, maintenance and updating services


AYSO Region 88 has been working with Cybird since 2004 and has received top notch reliable service from a company that is obviously dedicated to offering a great product to its customers. We look forward to working with Cybird for years to come. Aldo Mascheroni La Cañada, CA Region 88 Commissioner
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Is your website responsive?

This is the latest in Google search engine policy update and it makes sense…”When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have […]


Entirely revamped and rebuilt using WordPress and Jupiter responsive theme. A significant upgrade compared to the previous site that was built manually  from the ground up back in 2003. Site goes live today and we wish Andrew Harvey well  and hope his message will carry even farther.